Does my insurance cover truck rental?

Call your insurance agent to see if your personal auto policy covers the rental of a moving truck. Even if your policy covers some car or truck rentals,.

Does my insurance cover truck rental?

Call your insurance agent to see if your personal auto policy covers the rental of a moving truck. Even if your policy covers some car or truck rentals,. Even if your policy covers some car or truck rentals, there may be exclusions depending on the size or weight of the truck. If you rent a moving van, which is similar in size to a passenger van, a personal auto policy is more likely to cover it, but don't take that for granted.

Many auto insurance policies don't cover large truck rentals. Most auto insurance policies most likely do not have a maximum weight limit for the vehicles they are going to insure, including personal cars, but they generally exclude cargo vehicles, such as moving trucks. Therefore, your standard car insurance policy probably won't cover your rental truck. If you rent a small vehicle from U-Haul, such as a van or van, there's a chance you could get coverage under your auto insurance policy, but it's not guaranteed.

While you're not legally required to insure the rental of a truck or van, it's worth considering it to avoid being responsible for any damage you suffer. Aerial objects are a constant hazard for drivers who are used to operating vehicles half the height of a rental truck. This means that your car insurance most likely won't cover your rented moving truck, and you'll have to purchase additional insurance to get the right coverage in the event of an accident. However, that's not exactly the case: while auto insurance policies typically cover rental cars, many of them don't cover vehicles that exceed a certain weight, or specifically exclude cargo trucks and moving vans.

Here's what you need to know about auto insurance and truck rental, and how to determine if you need additional coverage when renting a moving van or not. The most effective way to protect your moving truck while you're responsible for it is to take out the optional insurance protection and complementary options offered by the rental agency. Buying coverage from your truck rental company will provide you with the protection and peace of mind you need when you move. As the fees start to add up, you'll begin to wonder whether or not you need to buy the expensive insurance that the rental company offers for your moving truck.

A rental car will receive the same coverage options that are included in your policy, but a moving truck won't. The last thing you want is to have to pay for damage to a rented truck caused by another reckless driver. So, if you move and don't use your own vehicle to transport the contents of your home, do you need additional insurance? Does your current auto policy cover a rental truck? Check your personal homeowners insurance policy and your auto insurance policy before buying rental truck insurance. Even if you have some coverage in your auto insurance policy, you should understand how the moving truck rental company handles accidents.

The latter, rental truck insurance, may not seem as important as the other factors, but you should still think about it carefully; after all, having adequate insurance is the only thing that will exempt you from liability and protect you from financial losses if you suffer an accident with the rented moving vehicle. As NerdWallet points out, rental companies such as U-Haul, Penske and Budget Truck Rental offer similar protection plans. Knowing if your policy covers truck rental and the exact amount of protection it offers will help you decide if you need additional insurance and exactly what type of coverage it would be a good idea to take out (damage exemptions, supplementary liability insurance, personal accident protection, cargo protection, protection against car trailers, etc.) U-Haul, the moving truck rental company, estimates that nearly 45% of all moves are made between Memorial Day and Labor Day. .

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